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Susan  O.

"Dr. Nina Menezes is FABULOUS!!!
I am a better singer/performer because of her teaching!!
Always grateful for her!!!"

Roya M.

"Dr. Menezes has a wonderful approach to teaching voice - she made my child feel comfortable to try new things and really think about the meaning of the lyrics. I highly recommend!"

Aimee S.

"We love Dr. Nina!  My daughter is a first time piano player and this has been the best class for her. She is enjoying the lessons and looks forward to practicing and Dr. Nina makes her feel very comfortable and encourages her. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking."

Tammy R

"Incredible teacher who works well with my daughter. Instruction is upbeat, professional but still a LOT of fun. I can't imagine who wouldn't enjoy her classes."

Jodel E.

"My boys, 10 and 12, love their class. It was perfect for one son that was a total beginner and my other son who had not played in a while. She boosted their confidence and have fun while doing so. They look forward to more lessons with Dr.Nina and are encouraged to play more." 

Sarah H.

"My teenager who is very unsure of their voice but *wants* to sing well *loved* their first class and is really excited to sign up for recurring lessons and feels hopeful about their voice."


"My son really enjoyed the class. He got great feed back and a lot of great advice for a new singer. He can’t wait for more I truly believe Dr. Menezes is great with all levels of singers"


"Nina is amazing, she communicated really clearly with my son and was really patient and understanding. Her instructions were clear and easy for him to understand and follow.  We are from the UK and she was able to adapt her musical curriculum to suit ours" 
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